Pastor Daniel Nalliah’s Uncompromising Fight to Defend Free Speech

Guest: Pastor Daniel Nalliah
President, Catch the Fire Christian Ministry
Melbourne, Australia

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Following an official complaint by three members of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Pastor Daniel Nalliah, Pastor Daniel Scott, and Catch the Fire Christian Ministry have been found GUILTY of Religious Villification (in breach of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act) after quoting from the Koran/Q’ran and other authoritative Islamic texts that repeatedly, consistently, and explicitly advocated the use of coercion to spread Islam and to deal with non-believers.

Justice Higgins stated, among other things, that they had

… incited scorn, fear and hatred of Muslim people

And that their statements

… were likely to incite hatred towards Muslims and sought to create fear against Muslims.

In this interview, Pastor Daniel Nalliah, talks about his experiences living in Saudi Arabia, the stupid (Prodos: my charecterization) errors made by Justice Higgins during the trial, the nature of free speech, how this Blasphemy Law reverses the onus of proof (from innocent until proven guilty, to guilty until “proven” innocent), the multicultural and relativist basis of the law, and much more.

Click here to read the powerful and well argued defence submitted by Catch the Fire Ministry. But one which, amazingly, failed to impress the court.

Listen, download or podcast the mp3 audio file of this interview

Special Note: Pastor Daniel Nalliah has been presented with the Annual International Capitalism Award 2006 for Melbourne, Australia.

2 thoughts on “Pastor Daniel Nalliah’s Uncompromising Fight to Defend Free Speech

  1. Dear Pastor Daniel ,
    Greetings to you in Jesus’ name from India.
    I am Swarup ( Bashir) & my wife Ayeasha. God has given me / us a vision & burden to reach specifically to The Muslims with His Gospel of Christ. Several Muslim men & women has surrendered their lives to Jesus and became His disciples. At present , they are worshiping Jesus and witnessing to their relatives & neighbors by His Gospel.
    I am in great need of your kind prayers in my life & ministry. I humbly request you please uphold me in your prayers.

    With regards,


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