Michael Yon – the soldier with the soul of a poet – delivers the honest truth about Iraq

Blogger, photo journalist, and embedded reporter with the US forces in Iraq, Michael Yon, discusses what’s actually happening in Iraq. Surprise, surprise, it ain’t quite what you’ve been reading in the mainstream media. 😉

Topics covered include:

The morale of the soldiers. The chances for democracy in Iraq. An outline of trouble spots and those areas which are making good progress. The mentality of the suicide bomber “cult??. Michael Yon’s own first hand experiences when the bullets are flying around him. And lots more.

But this interview is not just about Iraq.

It is also an insight into a unique and brilliant American who thinks for himself and is incapable of playing the political correctness game.

Years ago when I read the Letters of Ayn Rand, the thing that struck me most of all about this great novelist/philosopher, was NOT so much the genius of her astounding conceptual leaps. No, it was the genius of her honesty!

Speaking with Michael Yon for this interview, I was reminded of that same simple, uncluttered, elegant honesty.

I believe, intellectual honesty is the most powerful of all the virtues. Every positive advance of mankind can be traced back to an honest individual. Michael Yon is another example of this.

Make sure you visit the Michael Yon Online Magazine

Highly recommended: Read online, Gates of Fire, Michael Yon’s first hand account of a deadly confrontation with 3 terrorists. A couple of excerpts:

Thursday night, a revised plan had me following some Deuce Four soldiers on a midnight raid. They had night vision gear, so they moved quickly. I had only moonlight, so I nearly broke my leg keeping up.

… The three men looked suspicious to Kurilla, whose legendary sense about people is so keen that his soldiers call it the “Deuce Sixth-Sense.?? His read on people and situations is so uncanny it borders the bizarre.

That day, Kurilla sensed “wrong?? and told his soldiers to check the three men. As the Stryker dropped its ramp, one of the terrorists pulled a pistol from under his shirt. Mark Bieger was overwatching from another Stryker and shot the man with the first two bullets, dropping him to his knees.

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