Tim Warner – The Access Card versus Liberty

Activist, Tim Warner, explains the dangers of the recently announced “Access Card” put forward by the Australian Government – and on the drawing board in many other countries.

Campaign website: AccessCardNoWay.net

Topics covered include: The proper relationship between state and citizens – and how the Government Access Card undermines this. How the Access Card can easily evolve into a national identity card. Inevitable encroachments into personal liberty and wealth. Inherent insecurity of the technology – and the potential for fraud. How there are already special interest groups speculating on how to expand the jurisdiction of the card to suit their agenda (eg. the Greens). The ineffectiveness of this “smart card” approach in dealing with terrorism and serious crime. Concerns about Professor Alan Fels‘ appointment as Consumer & Privacy Advisor for the Access Card. How similar systems over the years have invited abusive practices by governments. And much more!

Tim Warner will be guest speaker at the Australian Adam Smith Club on Monday 19 June, 2006 on the topic:

The ID Card – A government for the people? Or a people for the government?

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