Interview with John Pasquarelli

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An in-depth talk with John Pasquarelli: former political advisor to Pauline Hanson, and later to National Party Senator John Stone, former Liberal Party of Australia candidate, Minister in the first parliament of PNG, Papua New Guinea (1964), crocodile hunter, and successful artist/painter.

Rod Kemp and Marion Stanton wrote:

In the hundred years of [Australian] federation probably no first speech has caused more widespread controversy than that delivered by Pauline Hanson.

The primary author of that speech was John Pasquarelli.

Many have claimed that this speech was racist and/or promoted racism. In fact what it did was challenge multiculturalism – and encourage assimiliation.

Recent photo of John Pasquarelli

John Pasquarelli in New Guinea, 1965.
Trading for shields from a native.

Topics covered during this interview include:

The absurdity of calling Pauline Hanson’s speech “racist”. How the term “racist” is being used to cower those who criticise race-based tax-funded handouts and privileges. The politically correct brigade refers to assimilation as “genocide”.

Comments on the 1996 statement, “we are in danger of being swamped by Asians”. Immigration issues. Anglo-European and Judeo-Christian heritage. Self-hatred that “white lefties” have for Australia. Pauline Hanson’s supporter included a lot of black aboriginals – but they wouldn’t go public for fear of persecution by fellow aboriginals (include “white aboriginals”).

Support by Indians (from India). Vietnamese and Chinese triads. Ethnic populations of prisons. Criticism of Amanda Vandstone and Australia’s immigration program. Praise for the Chinese community who have assimilated. Not suggesting abandoning heritage. The nonsense of giving tribute to the so-called “traditional owners” of Australia (i.e. certain Aboriginal tribes). Why John advised Pauline Hanson to not form the One Nation Party – which subsequently “imploded”. Being sacked by Pauline Hanson. Resigning from the Liberal Party in 1996 because of how the Party treated Pauline.

Why John Pasquarelli does not support the free market and supports protectionism and tariffs. For capitalism and for small business but worried about imports and about practices of big business. Price control and regulation. Dangers of globalization. Disagreements with Prodos and with John Stone on economics.

Landscape paintings and exhibitions. Current collection at Collins Street Gallery.

Weekly articles for The Melbourne Observer. Praise for John Howard. Why he doesn’t trust Peter Costello. The implosion of the Victorian Liberal Party due to the machinations of the Costello/Kroger faction.

The most important thing for aspiring politicians is to learn basic history – especially of their country. Pay politicians well.

And of course we talked about crocodile hunting! 🙂

[photopress:painting01.jpg,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:painting02.jpg,thumb,pp_image]
Two of John Pasquarelli’s paintings on display at the Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

John Pasquarelli’s book: The Pauline Hanson Story: By the Man Who Knows

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