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The effect of repealing miminum wage laws?

An interview with free market economist, Gerard Jackson, on: What would be the effect of completely abolishing minimum wage laws?

The idea of a government mandated minimum wage is deeply entrenched in Australia, the United States, and across the West.

In 1933, American President, Franklin D Roosevelt said

… no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.

But Gerard Jackson argues that an “effective minimum wage” (one that is higher than what a free market would deliver) is a key factor in creating unemployment.

Topics covered during this interview include:

Even The Howard Government’s Workchoice laws preserve a minimum wage. The wage rate being discussed includes money in the pay packet AND all other conditions and benefits such as holidays, conditions, etc. What is meant by the “effective minimum wage”. Politicians as economic illiterates.

The discredited methodology of the David Card & Alan Krueger report that claimed increasing minimum wages does not necessarily cause unemployment. Why do workers and employers have different “rights”? The role of capital structure – the material means of production – in determining real wage rates. Adam Smith’s confusion on this issue.

And much more!

For further comments regarding the way unions wrongly rely on the Card-Krueger study, read Gerard Jackson’s essays here and here.

Interview with John Pasquarelli

Listen, download, or podcast this interview (mp3, 46 MB)

An in-depth talk with John Pasquarelli: former political advisor to Pauline Hanson, and later to National Party Senator John Stone, former Liberal Party of Australia candidate, Minister in the first parliament of PNG, Papua New Guinea (1964), crocodile hunter, and successful artist/painter.

Rod Kemp and Marion Stanton wrote:

In the hundred years of [Australian] federation probably no first speech has caused more widespread controversy than that delivered by Pauline Hanson.

The primary author of that speech was John Pasquarelli.

Many have claimed that this speech was racist and/or promoted racism. In fact what it did was challenge multiculturalism – and encourage assimiliation.

Recent photo of John Pasquarelli

John Pasquarelli in New Guinea, 1965.
Trading for shields from a native.

Topics covered during this interview include:

The absurdity of calling Pauline Hanson’s speech “racist”. How the term “racist” is being used to cower those who criticise race-based tax-funded handouts and privileges. The politically correct brigade refers to assimilation as “genocide”.

Comments on the 1996 statement, “we are in danger of being swamped by Asians”. Immigration issues. Anglo-European and Judeo-Christian heritage. Self-hatred that “white lefties” have for Australia. Pauline Hanson’s supporter included a lot of black aboriginals – but they wouldn’t go public for fear of persecution by fellow aboriginals (include “white aboriginals”).

Support by Indians (from India). Vietnamese and Chinese triads. Ethnic populations of prisons. Criticism of Amanda Vandstone and Australia’s immigration program. Praise for the Chinese community who have assimilated. Not suggesting abandoning heritage. The nonsense of giving tribute to the so-called “traditional owners” of Australia (i.e. certain Aboriginal tribes). Why John advised Pauline Hanson to not form the One Nation Party – which subsequently “imploded”. Being sacked by Pauline Hanson. Resigning from the Liberal Party in 1996 because of how the Party treated Pauline.

Why John Pasquarelli does not support the free market and supports protectionism and tariffs. For capitalism and for small business but worried about imports and about practices of big business. Price control and regulation. Dangers of globalization. Disagreements with Prodos and with John Stone on economics.

Landscape paintings and exhibitions. Current collection at Collins Street Gallery.

Weekly articles for The Melbourne Observer. Praise for John Howard. Why he doesn’t trust Peter Costello. The implosion of the Victorian Liberal Party due to the machinations of the Costello/Kroger faction.

The most important thing for aspiring politicians is to learn basic history – especially of their country. Pay politicians well.

And of course we talked about crocodile hunting! 🙂

[photopress:painting01.jpg,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:painting02.jpg,thumb,pp_image]
Two of John Pasquarelli’s paintings on display at the Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

John Pasquarelli’s book: The Pauline Hanson Story: By the Man Who Knows

Islam: The Religion of Peace. Or not?

Islam is often presented as “The Religion of Peace.”


If it really is that, why do terrorist groups (eg. Hamas), theocrats (eg. Ahmadenijad), Muslim scholars (both currently and over the centuries) quote The Koran and the Hadith to justify their very NON peaceful and intolerant positions?

Do all the above represent, a distortion of a “proud religion” as President George W Bush has stated? Or are they a correct application of The Koran and Hadith?

Sorge Diaz, the creator of the blog argues that Islam is, at its very core a dangerous Religion of Violence. That Mohammed’s life exemplified the repression and murder of non-believers, that Islam utterly rejects any separation of Mosque and State. That what is meant by “Peace” in Islam is not liberty, but submission to coercive Islamic rule.

During this interview I refer to a website – Islam-Online.NET – recommended by the supposedly “moderate” Islamic Council of Victoria. Here is what Islam-Online.NET says about apostates (those who leave Islam):

If a sane person who has reached puberty voluntarily apostatizes from Islam, he deserves to be punished.?? In such a case, it is obligatory for the caliph (or his representative) to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does, it is accepted from him, but if he refuses, he is immediately killed.

An interesting issue that comes up during this interview is the significance of the Iranian President’s letter to President George W Bush in which he invites the US President to convert to Islam. This is the protocol established by Mohamed to issue a Declaration of War.

The Marginal Productivity Theory Debate

Australian Free Market Economist, Gerard Jackson, discusses “Marginal Productivity Theory”.

Here is a simple definition of this theory from

The marginal-productivity theory maintains that employers will only pay a wage that is, at most, equal to the amount of extra value added to the total product by one additional worker.

And here’s another from Britannica Concise

In economics, the theory that firms will pay a productive agent only what he or she adds to the financial earnings of the firm.

This is not an easy Theory to grasp for non-Economists.

Continue reading The Marginal Productivity Theory Debate

Tim Warner – The Access Card versus Liberty

Activist, Tim Warner, explains the dangers of the recently announced “Access Card” put forward by the Australian Government – and on the drawing board in many other countries.

Campaign website:

Topics covered include: The proper relationship between state and citizens – and how the Government Access Card undermines this. How the Access Card can easily evolve into a national identity card. Inevitable encroachments into personal liberty and wealth. Inherent insecurity of the technology – and the potential for fraud. How there are already special interest groups speculating on how to expand the jurisdiction of the card to suit their agenda (eg. the Greens). The ineffectiveness of this “smart card” approach in dealing with terrorism and serious crime. Concerns about Professor Alan Fels‘ appointment as Consumer & Privacy Advisor for the Access Card. How similar systems over the years have invited abusive practices by governments. And much more!

Tim Warner will be guest speaker at the Australian Adam Smith Club on Monday 19 June, 2006 on the topic:

The ID Card – A government for the people? Or a people for the government?

Betsy Speicher: What Men Should Know About Women

Guest: Betsy Speicher, the owner of the CyberNet Objectivist News Service, and co-owner of discussion forum,

Topics covered include: Areas in which men and women are simliar and those where they’re very different. Contrasing the romantic and sexual orientation of women and men. What follows from this regarding the way women perceive men, and what they look for in a man. Why women like to get flowers, poems, and chocolates 🙂 . Some of the most common mistakes men make when dealing with women, how and why these are turn-offs and some straightforward tips on improving communication with women.

A fascinating interview, jam-packed with the sorts of clear, constructive, and logical insights that are so typical of Betsy Speicher!

Robert Tracinski: The Case for War Against Iran

Robert Tracinski, Editor of The Intellectual Activist, presents the case for War Against Iran.

Topics covered include:

That Iran is ALREADY at War with the United States and the West. Sponsorship of terrorism around the world. Statements by the President of Iran, Ahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the end of “Liberal Democracy.” How Iran is building an Islamic Axis to promote Theocracy – a “Zombie Empire”. Supporting terrorist activities in Iraq. Alliances with China and Venezuela. And much more.

Visit The Intellectual Activist

Click here to read Ahmoud Ahmadinejad’s letter to President George W Bush

Dr Michael Hurd: Basic Principles of Self Improvement

Guest: Dr Michael Hurd

Michael Hurd offers many helpful tips on how to approach ongoing self-improvement, including:

Set up a “psychological journal” to help you clarify your feelings about things.

Develop an fundamental attitude of self-improvement.

The importance, and how useful it is, to have or find heroes.

A fun interview, full of practical ideas you can start using right away in your pursuit of happiness! 🙂

Michael Yon – the soldier with the soul of a poet – delivers the honest truth about Iraq

Blogger, photo journalist, and embedded reporter with the US forces in Iraq, Michael Yon, discusses what’s actually happening in Iraq. Surprise, surprise, it ain’t quite what you’ve been reading in the mainstream media. 😉

Topics covered include:

The morale of the soldiers. The chances for democracy in Iraq. An outline of trouble spots and those areas which are making good progress. The mentality of the suicide bomber “cult??. Michael Yon’s own first hand experiences when the bullets are flying around him. And lots more.

But this interview is not just about Iraq.

It is also an insight into a unique and brilliant American who thinks for himself and is incapable of playing the political correctness game.

Years ago when I read the Letters of Ayn Rand, the thing that struck me most of all about this great novelist/philosopher, was NOT so much the genius of her astounding conceptual leaps. No, it was the genius of her honesty!

Speaking with Michael Yon for this interview, I was reminded of that same simple, uncluttered, elegant honesty.

I believe, intellectual honesty is the most powerful of all the virtues. Every positive advance of mankind can be traced back to an honest individual. Michael Yon is another example of this.

Make sure you visit the Michael Yon Online Magazine

Highly recommended: Read online, Gates of Fire, Michael Yon’s first hand account of a deadly confrontation with 3 terrorists. A couple of excerpts:

Thursday night, a revised plan had me following some Deuce Four soldiers on a midnight raid. They had night vision gear, so they moved quickly. I had only moonlight, so I nearly broke my leg keeping up.

… The three men looked suspicious to Kurilla, whose legendary sense about people is so keen that his soldiers call it the “Deuce Sixth-Sense.?? His read on people and situations is so uncanny it borders the bizarre.

That day, Kurilla sensed “wrong?? and told his soldiers to check the three men. As the Stryker dropped its ramp, one of the terrorists pulled a pistol from under his shirt. Mark Bieger was overwatching from another Stryker and shot the man with the first two bullets, dropping him to his knees.

Click here to find out about Michael Yon’s book, Danger Close