Viv Forbes: Carbon Sense Coalition

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Guest: Viv Forbes from the Carbon Sense Coalition

Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense Coalition, Australia: Global Warming Skeptic
Global Warming skeptic: Viv Forbes
Carbon Sense Coalition, Queensland, Australia

Just back from the Heartland Institute’s 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York, Viv Forbes who runs the Australian based Carbon Sense Coalition, spoke on PRODOS Worldwide about why he rejects the hysterical “consensus” on Global Warming.

Topics covered include

How Carbon and Carbon Dioxide has been vilified and demonized by Global Warming alarmists.

The stupidity of designating Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant – because it isn’t.

How much Carbon Dioxide is there in the atmosphere? Where does it come from?

The earth’s oceans as “the lungs of the planet”.

The “beer test” for understanding how CO2 is absorbed or emitted by H2O (water).

What would happen if Carbon Dioxide was doubled or tripled? And what happens when you add “more blankets”.

Water vapor as the primary greenhouse gas.

The real “debate” is about the politics – not the science.

Global Warming and “consensus” myths promoted by the Sierra Club.

The Earth’s warming and cooling seems in fact to be within the bounds of natural – not anthropogenic variations.

Two types of scientists: The model builders and manipulators versus the real scientists who measure actual temperature and carbon dioxide evidence.

Warming drives Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide does not drive warming.

New evidence regarding solar magnetic activity, and cosmic radiation and the effect on clouds. Low level clouds are the key to understanding warming and cooling – not Carbon Dioxide.

Cargo cult mentality of IPCC’s politicized scientists.

The “Greenhouse religion.”

Greens consider humanity a blot on nature.

Pseudo scientific scare mongering of the past.

The huge international network of global warming skeptics.

Surviving as a skeptic – being maligned, being forced to resign or forced to shut up.

About a recent book, The Chilling Stars by Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder which investigates the role of cosmic radiation and solar activity (in particular the sun’s magnetic activity), and their effects on clouds in influencing global warming and cooling.

The millions of dollars of funding that Carbon Sense Coalition receives from Exxon, Big Tobacco, Big Oil sponsorship (just kidding!)

Big Business is getting into carbon emissions trading, pursuing “protected profits”.

Viv Forbes rejects the view put forward by libertarian John Humphreys (in a policy monograph for the Centre for Independent Studies, founded by Greg Lindsay) that a “revenue neutral” Carbon Tax would result in “no economic costs”.

However does argue that a Carbon Tax would be less bad than emissions trading because the public will like it less and claims it is less likely to entrench vested interests (Prodos: I disagree with Viv Forbes on this).

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Click here to listen or download this interview

One thought on “Viv Forbes: Carbon Sense Coalition

  1. Ijust listened intently to Viv Forbes on CO2 not being a pollutant & agreed with everything he said to Prodos Worldwide . I am a Scientist & Engineer & have been amazed & appalled by the disgraceful misinformation that has been spread in the past 10 years & the seemingly absolute gullibility of ordinary people. Let the protagonists find someone less gullible than this government to fund their ?RESEARCH? & easy lifestle!! More power to Viv

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